128 Bradenville School Rd
Bradenville, PA 15620724-537-2840
Web Site: GraceBible.us
Ages 3,4
8:00 am – 12:00 pm
Numbers with 
Button Bear
Letters and Sounds with Amber Lamb

Course of Study

3 Year old Pre-School: 
  • Recognition of shapes and colors
  • Introduction of letters and numbers
  • Social Skills:  interactive behavior, sharing, structured classroom time, separation from parents, learning to obey outside authority
  • Bible:  Each day the students listen to a story from the Word of God 

4 Year old Pre-School (K-4):
  • Recognition of letters and their sounds
  • Development of motor skills by learning to write the alphabet and numbers
  • Beginning to blend special sounds
  • Phonetic approach to reading
  •  Recognition of numbers through 50
  •  Recognition of the days of the week
  •  Social Skills:  interactive behavior, learning to obey authority 
  • Bible:  Learns to recite the pledges (Bible, Christian, & American), memorizes verses, will hear a Bible story each day and begin to  hear personal application..