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For Re-Enrollment

Click here to Log in to *Gradelink

Type school ID:  626

Click on the Re-Enroll tab on the left side of your screen.

Follow the instructions to finish your re-enrollment process.

If you do not see the re-enroll button on the left side of your screen please call the school office.

NOTE: You must enter the Family Site (not student site) to re-enroll.

​*Gradelink is a  trademark of the Gradelink Corporation
*GRADELINK is very important for communication between the school and parents to flow freely. Much of the communication done from the school is done through Gradelink. You can see a child's attendance records, current grades, discipline notes, and school calendar, all on your Gradelink account. There is also an app for your smart phones that link you to Gradelink. We encourage you to get used to looking at Gradelink often. Also, if you forget a date you can go on your account and look at the school calendar. If you have questions about logging on, please feel free to call the school office.